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'Hajdú's, 'Kuruc's, and the good old spontoon

It was thanks to the cooperation of the Local Government of Hajdúnánás and the University of Debrecen, to the contribution of Járom Kulturális Egyesület and the support of National Cultural Foundation that the scientific presentation series about the history of the 'hajdú's could take place for the third time. On 5th August, 2016, as the opening event of the World Summit of Hajdús took place the scientific conference named “Build your village in a way so that it also serves as a stronghold!” Jazygian, Cuman, Hussite and Kurucs, military elements in Hungarian history from the middle ages to the modern period. Following the plenary presentation of Miklós Nyakas, five other historians could introduce the relating results of their research.

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The detailed report of the conference can be read in the Országjáró (Across the country) column of Újkor.hu.