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    Let us tell you in brief what is worth knowing of our team.
    The Association was founded in November 2011 by a group of History, Ethnography, Hungarian Literature and Pedagogy students. Our aim was to utilize our knowledge, acquired during our academic studies, in the civil cultural life besides the university training. The aim of the Association, declared in the constitution, is to protect, spread and to convey the folk, historical and literary traditions of the Carpathian Basin to the following generations. Thus the most important, but not exclusive, target audience is the under 18 age group.
    Within the frame of our events, tours, programs and trainings we attempt to show the almost inexhaustible source of Hungarian cultural heritage by shedding light from a new perspective on objects, places, buildings and processes known from the everyday life. During the competitions and tenders organized for grammar school and secondary school students we try to bring up adults conscious of their nation and environment.
    We consider it our mission to involve as many university students in our work as possible. The young adult period is a suitable time for people to try themselves at as many activities as possible. Our goal is to provide them a possibility to participate in civil initiations and to bring their attention to the advantages of civil initiations, moreover to educate students to become conscious adults who are perceptive of social problems and are helpful to their fellow human beings and peers. Joining in the work of the association facilitates that the years spent in higher education will not be only about studying and light entertainment. Debrecen is the most important university town of the Northern Great Plain region, and many students who live in modest conditions chose it as the place of their higher educational studies. We offer voluntary work for students eager to help and work, which we strive to reward through bursaries.
    We also bear in mind the most important economical strength of the 'countryside': tourism. Our guided city tours serve the aim to make sights (with a great emphasis on national monuments) and entertaining facilities that serve tourists, gain popularity. Through organized routes we offer engaging and “wallet-friendly” pastime activities.
    If we piqued your curiosity, please, look around on our site, and do not hesitate to contact us!
     Ádám Novák